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Asset Snaps

Empower your assets.

Showcase - Asset Snaps

Asset Snaps is an app that creates a birds eye’s view of your financial portfolio. With everything in place, you can better manage and optimise all assets like an insurance policy, real estate investments, stock unit trust options. Premium plans are also available for a member to go further with private access to their network list.

  • Branding
  • App UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Visual Systems


The idea is to make it simple to use yet comprehensive enough to provide users with a bird’s eye view of all their assets. Functionality has to be intuitive for them to choose manual input or by uploading a photo of their policies. They also need a strong brand mark to represent themselves.

Asset Snaps - Empower your assets


The fundamental focal point is to ensure that there will not be any drastic change in the UI patterns between the standard and premium members. A level of consistency in the interface should maintain throughout so that users develop usage patterns – where they’ll quickly learn what the difference between tabs, buttons, icons, and other interface elements will look and work when they upgrade to a premium member.

Asset Snaps - Membership Type
Asset Snaps - Membership Profile


When we think of the word Asset, we associate it with something that we can depend on with full trust or confidence. The Shield appears as the most reliable element in the design, which symbolised protection and interception, an indispensable component where we can entrust our lives on. As for the word Snaps, the camera shutter best represents this functionality of what the brand and app are about. Piecing these two ideas together, we can effectively communicate the brand values and image.

The concept will lay a foundation for us to transit on to the UI design of the application.

Asset Snaps - Mobile App Design

Asset Snaps - Brand Inspiration and Concept

Asset Snaps - Brand Inspiration and Concept
Asset Snaps - Construction Grid
Asset Snaps - Wordmark
Asset Snaps - Combination Mark
Asset Snaps
Asset Snaps - Full Colour (4C) and One Colour (1C)
Asset Snaps - Mark Variations
Asset Snaps - Typography
Asset Snaps - Colour Palettes
Asset Snaps - Business Card Mobile App Icon
Asset Snaps - Business Card Emboss Signage
Asset Snaps - Business Card Letterpress
Asset Snaps - Business Card Perspective 1
Asset Snaps - Business Card Perspective 2

Asset Snaps - App UI Design

Asset Snaps - Getting Started
Asset Snaps - Sign Up, Select Membership Type
Asset Snaps - Premium Member Sign Up Steppers
Asset Snaps - Standard Member Sign Up
Asset Snaps - Multiple Dashboards Swipe
Asset Snaps - Input Personal Profile, Policy, Property Stock
Asset Snaps - Upload Policy
Asset Snaps - Menu Swipe In, Floating Action Button Speed Dial
Asset Snaps - My Summary
Asset Snaps - Edit Profile
Asset Snaps - Premium Member Search
Asset Snaps - Notifications
Asset Snaps - Partners, Contact
Asset Snaps - Grid System

Asset Snaps Web UI Design

Asset Snaps - Web UI Design
Asset Snaps - Landing
Asset Snaps - Introduction
Asset Snaps - Features
Asset Snaps - Testimonials
Asset Snaps - Download Call-to-action
Asset Snaps - 12 Columns Grid
Asset Snaps - 8 Columns Grid
Asset Snaps - Web UI Typography