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A Singapore-based freelance web designer and front end developer.

Stanley Yeo - A Singapore-based freelance web designer. Stanley Yeo - A Singapore-based freelance front end developer.

Hey there – I’m stoked that you are interested to know a little more about me! My name is Stanley Yeo, a freelance web designer, and front end developer. I live and work in Singapore.

Since young, I have a passion for drawing and that cultivated my obsessive attention to detail. As time goes by, I started out my career as an illustrator and animator designing games and interactive coursewares with Adobe Flash (Macromedia Flash back then). Making the things I love is not only enjoyable, but also enables me to understand how a user uses a product. However, once the face of the web, fell to the brink of darkness when the world began moving away from Flash towards HTML5. Soon developers around the world start to abandon the former, I knew I had to move on too.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous extraordinary individuals and agencies, whom I’ve learned a great deal from. Being actively involved in every aspect of a project helps me understand the importance of a well-defined brand positioning strategy from a business and consumer perspective. Without these, we wouldn’t know what and who we are building for in a product. It’s an invaluable ability to my future progression in design thinking and how that will shape a business model.

Finally, I’ve decided to settle down to work on my own at the comfort of my home. My thoughts are currently centered on your business brand story, designing digital products for the user. You can take a look at some of my favourite works here. I like to listen, question, push boundaries and explore new possibilities giving you the best results for your project, most importantly making profits for your business. Whether you’re a small startup or huge multinational organisation, I’m here to help you bring your business to the next level.

Well, enough said about me! I would love to know more about you and your business too. It doesn’t matter if we end up working together or not, it thrills me to make another friend.


With a multidisciplinary background, I can create brand identities for your business, design and develop mobile responsive websites that convert and make pretty packaging print design for your marketing needs. From art direction to creative concepts, illustrations or anything in-between, I do them all. I love building innovative user experiences and interfaces that connect to your genuine fans. Being a solopreneur, I understand both the design and technical aspects and how it should be tailored for your business and audience.


I took pride in my work so I cannot afford half-baked productions. I understand your project deadlines are imperative. Be it a brand logo design, web design or UI UX design project, everything will be properly planned, executed and tracked. No matter how big or small your project is, I always approach them with the same level of thought and care.


I approach each and every project from an exciting new angle – because every project is a fresh opportunity. As a multidisciplinary designer, I’ve got a diverse background which allows me to respond and challenge a problem through different perspectives, from a technical, creative, and user’s point of view. That’s the only way to create a truly unique experience. If you have an idea, I’ll bring it to life.